School on Heavy Ion Radiation Biology

16th-18th July 2024

Heavy Ion Radiation Biology School

The school is designed to extend an initial training in the field of Heavy Ion Radiation Biology to the students and researchers of life sciences. The research field has wide applications in tumor therapy, space radiation study and fundamental molecular biology. The subject matters discussed in the school would mostly be limited to in-vitro systems.


  • Fresh M. Sc./M. Tech in life sciences specializing in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Radiation Biophysics/Biotechnology/Biophysics/Microbiology/Radiation Biology

  • Ph.D. students/post-docs/Scientists/Faculty members working in Radiation Biology/Cancer Biology

Registration Fee: Rs. 3000 per participant

About the school
Topics to be covered in the school
  • Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter and biological systems: basics to current status

  • Radiation-induced damages and repair mechanisms in biological systems

  • Acute and late effects of radiation and manifestations

  • Major radiation incidences and accidents

  • Application of radiation in therapy

  • Advanced cell & molecular biology approaches: Omics and high content screening

  • Radiation-induced chromosomal aberration and dosimetry

  • Florescence-based assays: mFISH, FACS, IF and IHC

Aspire setup under UV

Beamline photograph

Heavy Ion Radiation Biology Beamline at IUAC

Beam Exit flange

Petri dish positioned for irradiation